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During the year of 2020, with the pandemic in full swing, the once thriving island of Bali was hit hard by the closing of its borders. With up to 80% of the local revenues coming from local and international tourism, there were many families that no longer had means to a regular income.

It was then that Puck, who had recently moved to the beautiful island, started creating clothing pieces for her family. With a desire to create comfortable clothing that was child-friendly while reducing her own carbon footprint in the world, her path fortuitously crossed Putu’s. She was, like many others on the island, the breadwinner for her family who had been a tailor by trade but now struggling to put food on the table. 


What started as a passion project and a means to help the Bali community, slowly started evolving into a community brand. 


Pieces of natural, local fabrics were sourced and carefully curated by Puck. Her hands-on approach to personalizing the experience took her to scour through all the local offerings in the island. From feeling her way through the multitude of fabric textures to gaining scooter mileage driving across the island in search for the right dye partner and other well gifted artisans, she started to piece them all together. Her mission was to curate fabrics that were soft, sustainable and available locally. The objective was to use what was already available on the island, naturally disintegrate into the earth, be breathable and free of toxins. 


Once the fabrics were sourced, Putu and Puck worked in tandem to start to play. Enjoying the true journey of the process, their laboratory of experimentation started breathing life to each of the special articles of clothing. From flowing patterns to crafting the right hues for each fabric, they spent many days and nights weaving the magic of intention into the brand. 

In 2022 Kupu Kupu was born. Meaning Butterfly in Bahasa Indonesian, each of Kupu Kupu’s pieces were  lovingly created to pay homage to the earth and its people, Kupu Kupu was designed to empower not only the wearer but the creators of each of the beautiful pieces.

Started with the intention to give back in part to the community, 5% of Kupu Kupu’s profit will be going to Bali Mother baby house. 

About Puck 


Hailing from the Netherlands, Puck is a mother to two beautiful children and has chosen to make Bali her home for a while. Her background is actually that of a Psychologist and her expansive career previously specialized in organizational psychology. She could be seen training management teams on organizational behavior and personal development in the Netherlands. She later started coaching individuals in this space and landed upon movement.

Rediscovering movement and being embodied played a pivotal role in Puck’s life as she started shifting her career focus into movement coaching; moving through the emotions that are stuck in the body as well as tapping into the possibilities that lie in the somatic space.

It was through her love of embodiment and in helping people unlock the tools in their body to access their own empowerment that she started connecting that energy to other avenues of expression.

Her life shifted after the birth of her first child and Puck found herself naturally transitioning her career to spend time with her growing family. As a family they decided to move to Bali for a year and indulge in the nature, culture and possibility of beautiful education for the kids. The adventure didn’t end after a year.


As she slowly started the inception and birth of Kupu-Kupu, it was her hope that she would be able to translate the connection of embodiment through fabric and feeling at home in one’s skin. Her love for dancing and movement played a huge role in the creation of many of the pieces as she wanted the wearer to feel the same liberation she feels when she dances, as they move. 


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