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Let our clothing become an extension of your body's natural rhythm, allowing you to move through each day with fluidity and in flow

Sleep in Style

Designed for relaxation and barefoot luxury.

Surrender to Life

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and liberation, where vulnerability, free movement, and natural living intertwine, for a simple yet deep lifestyle.

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Walk in.. in Bali, Kedungu.

Flow of nature.

You can discover the earthy charm of our Kupu Kupu Lab collection. Inspired by the beauty of nature, these pieces are designed to embrace the free-spirited energy of the earth.

Barefoot luxury.

We created Kupu Kupu Lifestyle in the hopes that you would be able to feel all the spectrums of being alive as you are supported by our clothing, feeling at home in our houses and allowing your vulnerability by movement. Whether you are playfully dancing through life in your full expression or held in the gentle comfort of knowing you are not alone, we hope our pieces, places and workshops allow you to surrender to the beauty of life.