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Clothing by Kupu Kupu Lab

During the year of 2020, with the pandemic in full swing, the once thriving island of Bali was hit hard by the closing of its borders. With up to 80% of the local revenues coming from local and international tourism, there were many families that no longer had means to a regular income.

It was then that Puck, who had recently moved to the beautiful island, started creating clothing pieces for her family. With a desire to create comfortable clothing that was child-friendly while reducing her own carbon footprint in the world, her path fortuitously crossed Putu’s. She was, like many others on the island, the breadwinner for her family who had been a tailor by trade but now struggling to put food on the table.

What started as a passion project and a means to help the Bali community, slowly started evolving into a community brand.

Pieces of natural, local fabrics were sourced and carefully curated by Puck. Her hands-on approach to personalizing the experience took her to scour through all the local offerings in the island. From feeling her way through the multitude of fabric textures to gaining scooter mileage driving across the island in search for the right dye partner and other well gifted artisans, she started to piece them all together. Her mission was to curate fabrics that were soft, sustainable and available locally. The objective was to use what was already available on the island, naturally disintegrate into the earth, be breathable and flowy.

Once the fabrics were sourced, local tailors and Puck worked in tandem to start to play. Enjoying the true journey of the process, their laboratory of experimentation started breathing life to each of the special articles of clothing. From flowing patterns to crafting the right hues for each fabric, they spent many days and nights weaving the magic of intention into the brand.

In 2023 Kupu Kupu Lab was born. Meaning Butterfly in Bahasa Indonesian, each of Kupu Kupu’s pieces were lovingly created to pay homage to the earth and its people, Kupu Kupu was designed to empower not only the wearer but the creators of each of the beautiful pieces. It was her wish that the clothing would support the feeling of being at home in one’s skin. Her love for dancing and movement played a huge role in the creation of many of the pieces as she wanted the wearer to feel the same liberation she feels when she dances, as they move.

Kupu Kupu Lifestyle Homes

Puck likes to create homes that resonate with Aliveness and Warmth.

Homes are so much more than just structures; Puck wishes them to be sanctuaries where every corner exudes a sense of aliveness and comfort. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the unexpected, Puck curates spaces that are full of delightful small surprises, sparking joy and wonder at every turn.

Puck believes in the power of warmth and authenticity, weaving together textures, colors, and elements that evoke feelings of ease and just being you.

Step inside one of Kupu Kupu Lifestyle homes, and you'll immediately sense a shift in energy—a palpable feeling of being welcomed with open arms. From cozy nooks bathed in natural light to inviting communal areas designed for connection, each space is there to nurture the soul, uplift the spirit and flow.

It's a delicate dance of contrasts and not boring choices that results in a harmonious tapestry of experiences, where every detail tells a story and every corner invites exploration.

You will experience that home is not just a place to rest your head; it's also a haven for creativity, connection, and celebration. It's a space where the spirit of aliveness is felt in every breath. And that is barefoot luxury!

Sleep in Style

Kupu Kupu Lifestyle surrender to life

Unlocking healing through movement and dance improvisation.

In a world where words often fall short, there exists a powerful language that transcends boundaries and speaks directly to the soul. This language is dance improvisation—a fluid, intuitive movement practice that has the remarkable ability to heal, transform, and discover.

At its core, dance improvisation is an invitation to explore the depths of your being, allowing vulnerability, to unravel the stories held within your body, and to express the full spectrum of human emotion without inhibition or judgment. It is a sacred space where movement becomes medicine, and where healing unfolds with every step, twist, and turn.

In the dance studio, as the music begins to play and the body begins to move, something magical happens. With each movement, layers of tension, pain, and trauma begin to unravel, making way for release and liberation. Through the language of movement, dancers are able to access parts of themselves that may have been buried or forgotten, allowing for deep healing to occur on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

One of the most beautiful aspects of dance improvisation is its emphasis on presence and mindfulness. As we dance we surrender to the rhythm of the music and the wisdom of our bodies, we are invited to be fully present in the moment, to let go of the past and the future, and to simply be with what is. In this state of radical presence, healing unfolds naturally, as old wounds are allowed to surface, be acknowledged, and ultimately, be released.

In the journey of guided improvisation and being with yourself and your body, you will find not only healing, but also a profound sense of wholeness, aliveness, and joy.

For Puck, it wasn't her roles as a psychologist or a trainer that resonated most deeply. "There's something so touching about witnessing someone melt, surrender, and embrace vulnerability," she reflected. "In those moments, a real shift can occur—a deep knowing emerges from the heart, not the head, revealing the true reality and beauty of life, and one's own existence."

Surrender to Life

Clothingstore by Kupu Kupu Lab

In Bali

We love to welcome you in our boutique clothing store, where stepping inside feels like entering a cozy home filled with warmth. Allow yourself to feel the softness of our fabrics, explore outfit combinations, and embrace the effortless flow of our styles that support you to express your own self.

You can discover the earthy charm of our Kupu Kupu Lab collection. Inspired by the beauty of nature, these pieces are designed to embrace the free-spirited energy of the earth. Let our clothing become an extension of your body's natural rhythm, allowing you to move comfortable through each day with fluidity and in flow.

Comfortable, flowy, simple

The Kupu Kupu Lab store, located in Kedungu, a charming surf village in Bali, opened its doors in September 2023. Puck envisioned a physical space where people could gather to connect, create, and discover. Here, you can touch the clothing, move freely in it, and experience its flowy fit. Both kids and adults can participate in events and workshops, such as designing their own dresses. Additionally, you can simply take a breath and enjoy a moment to yourself in a space where everything blends seamlessly together.

You can also find a selection of the collection in the following places:

  • Padma Resort Ubud
  • Padma Resort Legian
  • Hedonist in Canggu
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