Surrender to Life

Movement as a way to heal

We all come to life through movement. Everything is movement. Our body is a beautiful portal that allows us to feel, to let go of blockages, and to play in a simplicity.

Dance is life and can be a way to surrender to life and transcend our learned limitations, simply flowing...

When fixed structures in the body are freed, the psyche has no reason to maintain its blockages. It also begins to release fixed patterns, initiating lasting healing.

We can learn spiritual concepts without necessarily engaging our brain, because the unconcrete is experienced directly through our body.

Online course: Fully surrender to the dance itself. To yourself. To life. Stop letting memorized shapes control your expression; open up to all and let your body move freely in flow.

Embrace vulnerability. Don't walk away from it, hide it, or suppress it. Feel your vulnerability, feel its beauty and freedom. Allow yourself to show that beauty to the world. Make a heart-to-heart connection.

That is bravery!

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