Kick off your shoes and ground yourself. And then.. just flow…

Embrace a harmonious, natural way of life where tranquility, aliveness and ease reign supreme. Experience the vibrant spirit of Bali in all its glory as you seamlessly flow through your days. Whether it's catching waves, savoring a glass of wine by the pool, or strolling across the bamboo bridge into the lush rice fields, each moment is an invitation to connect with the essence of this enchanting island, yourself and your beloveds.

Kupu Kupu Getaway

Kupu Kupu getaway is a house where it is about simplicity and barefoot luxury…

Everything is custom-made using the finest island materials and artisians, but its spirit is simple and raw.

Kupu Kupu getaway doesn’t have tv’s: it invite you to slow down, unwind and see all the beauty around you. Situated between ricefields, the sea and a local village it will be a heaven for those travellers who want to be barefoot, swim in the sea at night, make a fire and gaze at the stars.

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House of Flow

House of Flow breathes barefoot luxury.

Earthy, warm, natural. 

It is a place to be yourself, be vulnerable and where freedom reigns. 

It is a creative house for a family, a couple, two couples or a solo traveller with an inviting veranda, garden and pool that blends perfectly into the natural surroundings. The modern interior is mixed with rustic Indonesian characteristic. The high ceiling and soft romantic colours make you feel right at home. The large glass patio doors allow easy access to the garden to enjoy your breakfast outdoors.

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